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Born on July 18, 1982 in Dallas, Texas as Ryan Frank Cabrera, Ryan started playing guitar, which he taught himself how to play, and writing songs at a young age. Growing-up in a family in which no one plays music, Ryan doesn’t understand where he gets his talent from he only knows that he is blessed to have it. Music became his passion after hearing Dave Matthews which pushed him to leave his noisy punk rock high-school band, Caine, and become an acoustic guitar player. Ryan later quit school and worked more on his music career. Soon after quitting school he found a respected music couch in Dallas who taught him what might be considered the Jean-Claude Van Damme School of vocal training.

After taking voice lessons and having a five month preparation period Ryan was ready to start his album. In the summer of 2001, Ryan took time to record his independent debut album entitled Elm St. He produced, arranged, played all guitars, keyboards, and drum beats, and even beat boxed for his album Elm St. Saxophonist Raoul Shroff joined Ryan in the studio and performed on several tracks. After releasing his album Ryan went on a tour. At 19, Ryan continued to boast an impressive touring schedule spanning out to several cities across the U.S.

Soon after Elm St, manager Joe Simpson meet up with Ryan and immediately signed him to his management company. A few months Ryan was signed a publishing deal with Evan Lamburg of EMI Publishing and a multi-record deal with Atlantic Records. Once his was signed he started writing almost every single day. After the album was written, many producers tried to produce Ryan's major-label album. Ryan chose to work with Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls.

In the summer of 2004, Ryan released his album, titled Take It All Away, to stores selling over 320,000 copies and placing his first single, One the Way Down, into the No. 8 spot on Billboard chart. He now has his second single out titled True.

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