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[9-27-06 at 1pm]

x1 Switchfoot
x1 Text
x1 Random
x1 Step Up
x4 Hawk Nelson
x30 Ryan Cabrera (i, um, found some good pictures? *shrug*)

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See the rest at my icon journal:


Please comment, that's my biggest thing,
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tour dates [5-27-06 at 1pm]

the new tour dates are up on ryancabrera.com
who's going to the one at the hon in anaheim???
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[3-6-06 at 3pm]

There are a couple of Ryan Cabrera interviews here. Hope you enjoy!
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[2-21-06 at 4pm]


[1-11]Ryan Cabrera
[12-19]the O.C.
[20-24]Hayden Christensen
[39-53]Howie Day


Rest Here

[2-7-06 at 12am]

Hey Everyone! I just go Live Journal yesterday so I am trying to figure everything out. My roomate got me into this and is helping me however! So what is everyone's favorite song off of Ryan's new cd? Mine is "Find your way" talk to yall later!
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Wow... [2-6-06 at 8pm]

You know you've made it when you're on Jeopardy.

Yep, that's right. Mr. Cabrera was just an answer on Jeopardy in a pop culture category. That's insane.
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[12-4-05 at 1pm]

[18]Ryan Cabrera
[12]Veronica Mars My Mother, the Fiend. Not really Spoileresque.


Let em' Fall Baby Fall

[11-16-05 at 1pm]

anyone going to the video shoot tomorrow?
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[10-18-05 at 2am]

I DID IT! I DID IT!!! I took a better picture with Ryan! I was first in line (like always) and the only girl to be able 2 take a picture with him cause of my boyfriend!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOO MEEE!!!!!!!!! GOSSSSSSSSSSSSSS HE IS SOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!
Sorry though I couldn't get any Ashlee news but Tony and I are going to hang out with him sometime this week after one of his shows in the House Of Blues and talk!!!

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[10-20-05 at 2am]



My future husband once again! Thats twice in 1 week!!!

Miss.Paris Hilton and I

I have a very long story to tell about Ryan, Ashlee, and Paris everything, so if u want to know more come to my LJ and read my entire
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[9-25-05 at 9pm]

Hey everyone! I have a problem hopefully someone here can help me with! My cousin and I love Ryan Cabrera and her birthday is on the Oct. 21 and he's coming to the Royal Oak Theatre in Michigan on the 30th so i bought us tickets to surprise her....wellll we just joined a sorority and our intiation is that night! Now actualy i would probably skip it if i could for Ryan but i know for a fact she wouldn't! So i have to sell my two tickets, i know the show isn't sold out yet, but if anyone wants to go to that show and hasn't bought tickets yet i would really appreciate if you bought them off me! I'm selling them for face value, without the added charges so it would actualy be a deal!!!! My aim name is Annie0101 you can im me anytime if you have questions!

sorry this is cross posted to a few different communites!
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[9-15-05 at 8pm]

Does anyone have the password to the Presale for Ryan Cabrera at the House of Blues in Los Angeles?
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[9-4-05 at 10pm]

My computer wont let me upload any of my cds. And I neeeeed to upload Take it All Away to my iPOD.

please :]

AIM: Ally Avalanche

I will be your best friend, i swear!
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cant wait!!!! [9-2-05 at 12pm]

i cant wait till ryans new cd comes out! i love that man! he has such a great voice.

Ryan I love you!!!! MWAHHHHH!!!!!
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help the kids of katrina! [9-2-05 at 10am]

just thought i'd leave something short and sweet....

someone left me a link and it's the OXYGEN network's site where, if you sign up, they donate $1 to the New Orleans Children's Hospital fund (and will donate up to $10,000!). The money goes to help the kiddos and their families so everyone should click on it since typing up your email, name, and zip code takes all of 10 seconds. I appreciate it guys and I know those kids will too! (oh and they have a cool little 6 degrees of separation thing on the map too so maybe you'll find it nifty )

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This is true... (literally) [8-28-05 at 1am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hi. My name is Tiffanie Holland. I've always been a fan of Ryan Cabrera with his songs on the radio. I honestly joined this community simply because I love Ryan Cabrera and have met him twice this week.

On Tuesday, I met Ryan in a tatoo parlor getting a tatoo on his right chest the word: Soul.

On Thursday, I went to Magic Mountain with a couple of friends. They recognized him and we ended up hanging out for about 4 hours. We went on Goliath twice and actually have inside jokes.

I think I love him. Haha.


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[8-17-05 at 7pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Does anyone have Ryan Cabrera's new song "Shine On" they can send me PLEASE?? I know I saw somewhere that someone had it but I didn't grab it.


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Meet Ryan on Friday!! [8-17-05 at 11am]

Meet Ryan!!Collapse )

Are any of you guys going? I'm so excited to meet Ryan!! AND I'm excited about Rachel's new CD - I saw her at the China Club awhile back - she's AWESOME!!

(x-posted to rycabrera, rachel_ess, _ryan_cabrera)
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[7-30-05 at 12pm]

Im in a role play community,and I play Ryan..I was wondering if someone could make my a Ryan Cabrera Friends Only banner?
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[5-2-05 at 4pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hello to all Ryan Cabrera fans!

Did anyone happen to catch him in Disney World on Friday at the Seniors' Grad Nite for high school seniors? He rocked! I have so many pictures; I'll be getting them developed very soon and hopefully scanned into my computer before the ned of the week, so I'll post them in a cut for you guys to see very very soon!

Ta for now.

Peace, Love, and Ryan!

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